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Sink accessories in Africa - Redefine your Kitchen

Let's look at the best kitchen sink accessories in Africa in this blog, even if you've never heard of some of them. They will make you wonder how you ever survived without them.

Workstations for the kitchen sink have advanced significantly from the time of our grandparents or even our parents. The most recent Kohler sink accessories are designed to make cooking simpler, more fun, and occasionally even healthier. Here are our top six picks:

1. A board or surface with a slope that is dipped into the countertop next to the sink is called a drainboard. Drainboards, which can be either smooth or grooved, are incredibly helpful for allowing hand-washed things to air dry. Since they direct water directly into the sink and down the drain, drainboards, which have long been popular in Europe, are becoming more fashionable in African kitchen designs today. They are excellent for keeping surfaces dry and clean.

2. Without having to wait for the kettle to heat the water, would you like a boiling hot cup of tea? An insta (or immediate) hot water heater gives you access to boiling hot water through a little faucet at the sink.

Small electric hot water tanks that fit under your kitchen sink are known as instant hot water heaters. Water for the tank is supplied by a tiny water line that branches off the main cold water feed line from the sink. Water is heated by an electric element as it enters the tank's base. When heated, the water rises to a holding tank at the top of the tank, where it is maintained at a high temperature. When the insta hot tap is turned on, hot water comes out from the tank's top and cold, fresh water enters from the bottom. Moreover, some insta-heaters come with other functions like water filters.


3. Colanders can be used in a variety of ways to improve kitchen sink efficacy, which will make your workspace much more hygienic and useful. There are colanders that fit inside the sink bowl and colanders that have retractable arms to rest over the sink. Both are fantastic options for draining salad greens, vegetables, fruit, and more. You won't have to dig through your cupboards to find that awkward-to-use little circular colander.

4. Speaking of water filters, as people's concerns about the quality of their tap water increase, built-in water filtration devices are becoming increasingly popular. Water filtration systems are simple to install and remove impurities like chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, and lime scale. Water filtration systems are obviously intended to keep your water pure, but they also significantly improve the taste of your drinking water.

5. Kohler kitchen sink faucets have more alternatives than you probably realize, and a few basic terminologies might help you get started. A "pull down" faucet, with a head that draws down into the sink, and a "pull out" faucet, with a head that pulls straight out, are the two alternatives for faucets that have an integrated spray head function.

A pull-down faucet typically has a higher arcing spout and a flexible hose that you can extend and retract into the faucet. Spouts on pull-out faucets are typically shorter to accommodate the spray head. A pull-down Kohler faucet is perfect for filling tall pots and pitchers in the sink, whilst a pull-out spray is good for tight kitchen sink settings.

6. Kitchen soap bottles frequently develop sticky residue from drops that collect beneath the container, causing a mess at the edge of the sink. By eliminating the need for a dishwashing soap bottle to be placed on the countertop in the first place, built-in soap dispensers are an excellent solution to avoid this uncomfortable situation. Additionally, the area around your kitchen sink appears cleaner and better organized. To prevent clogging, fill the dispenser halfway with soap and halfway with water.


With so many useful sink accessories in Africa available for your kitchen sink, the time you spend in the kitchen may be a lot more productive and pleasurable from today. Come visit our website Kohler Africa if you're unsure about the sink type to select for your kitchen renovation or which accessories would best fit your lifestyle