Functional works of art.

Artist Editions™ decorative products go beyond beautiful design. Handcrafted from the finest materials to be one of a kind, these products are as individual as you are.
Bidet Seat for a Thoughtful & Luxury Bathroom

Kohler bidet seat for a thoughtful bathroom

Designing a clean and spacious home and bathroom is a great opportunity to re-think and re- imagine personal cleansing ideas. Small changes can have powerful impacts on the contemporary luxury lifestyle.

The serene white Kohler look

The Serene White Kohler Look

Start your life from a clean slate. Kohler suggests you look at your home from a fresh perspective and revamp to an all-white beautiful and serene world of comfort and luxury.

KOHLER fans unite for Kohler United

KOHLER fans unite for Kohler United

Celebrated global leader in kitchen and bathroom design, Kohler, recently celebrated their partnership with Manchester United football club with a screening of the Premier League match between Manchester United and Chelsea at their Johannesburg showroom.

Material Matters: Integral Part of Tranquil Interiors

Material Matters Article Kohler

Materials are an integral part of designing an interior space and choosing the right mix for a bath space can add to the calm and tranquillity of it.

Expressive Elegance & Luxury Designed by Kohler Africa

Expressive elegance designed by Kohler

Experience the world of Kohler luxury as aerodynamic ambitions meets warm humanist details in Beam and Span. Style your bathroom with the European sophistication of Beam and live the true charm of expressive luxury with Span.

Turn the showering experience into digital luxury with Kohler Africa

Turn the showering experience into digital luxury

Kohler brings you the DTV+ showering system, that transforms the bathroom into a relaxing spa-like environment with an orchestrated interplay of water, steam, sound, and light into one unique, customizable experience.

Experience  Clean Sensate &  Touchless Faucests with Kohler Africa

Experience Kohler Clean with Sensate

The kitchen is a space of grace and playfulness. KOHLER Sensate touchless faucet offers freedom, style elegance, and intelligence through responsive technology and voice control.

A bold addition to your creative collection

A bold addition to your creative collection

At Kohler, we pay attention to detail to every specific element that makes our ranges. Modern design trends are precisely etched into the world of luxurious products we create.

Immerse in the luxurious flow of water

Immerse in the luxurious flow of water

The RiverBath by Kohler embraces you with the nurturing flow of river currents and soft color hues all in the comfort of your bathroom. A natural aquatic experience is yours with the RiverBath.

Kohler’s Serpentine Bronze Basin The Story of Authenticity and Heritage

Kohler’s Serpentine bronze basin

We craft ideas that inspire the world at Kohler. Our designers and team of artists constantly endeavor to find the perfect balance between culture, art, and contemporary luxury.

Luxury Reflects the Moment and Movement

Luxury Reflects the Moment and Movement

Innovation, creativity, and newness excite those who settle for nothing but the extraordinary. Staying true to the times presents a powerful authentic influence on people and makes Kohler a truly desirable brand.

Make a Bold Impact with Kohler Black

Make a Bold Impact with Kohler Black

Kohler black design ideas and products captivate, enchant, and enthrall in equal measures. They add a mysterious charm to any bathroom space. Deriving from the eternal charm of black.

Dimensions of Wellbeing in Modern Bathrooms

Dimensions of Wellbeing in Modern Bathrooms

Be it smart bathrooms, cleansing seats, or hassle-free kitchen spaces, wellbeing are at the heart of everything Kohler does. The Dimensions of Wellbeing by Kohler are an extension of this sensibility

Let Your Bathroom Speak of Your Personality

Let Your Bathroom Speak of Your Personality

Bathrooms are personal spaces where you unwind all your emotions, be it vulnerability, confidence, rage, cheerfulness, or pride, it’s that one place where you feel the most comfortable and in touch with yourself

Experience Intelligent & Luxury Designed by Kohler Africa

Experience Intelligent Luxury Designed by Kohler

The world rapidly evolving and adapting to smarter ways of life is a leading trend. Be it smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, or smart homes, everything continues to undergo a smarter and user centric makeover

Bold In Every Form

Bold In Every Form

A trendy bathroom, in tune with classic aesthetics, is a dream of many. We are always looking for designs that captivate our senses and at the same time soothe them.

Modern Kitchens Faucets & Accessories by Kohler Africa

Modern Kitchens and Kohler

You and your kitchen essentials, the vegetables, the groceries; and everything need a fresh and comfy space to create a vibe where you make, where you bake, where you fry, and where you shake.

Magic in the Minimal with Kohler's Accessories

Magic in the Minimal with Kohler

Sometimes you cannot do things in a wide and posh space, which you can do in a tiny one that often makes you prioritise things and which serves as clarity to how you want to use it. A bathroom can be as sweet, charming and multipurpose in a tiny space as it is in a big one.

The water-friendly Products for Bathroom & Kitchen by Kohler Africa

Save Water with Kohler

Water is an essential part of everybody’s living, and efficient water conservative means and methods are being the new trends as the going gets tough when water usage is incessant and reckless. And a major problem is suffered in this case by bathroom spaces where water is important for the most part and without it, nothing goes on along.