Sensate™ Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Sensate™ Touchless Kitchen Faucet

The Sensate touchless faucet frees your hands so you can speed through prep, cooking and cleanup without spreading messes and germs throughout the kitchen.

Response™ technology makes Sensate respond to your every move. Simply wave your hand--or an object such as a pan or kitchen utensil—to turn Sensate on or off. Its state-of-the-art sensor is in tune with your every move, precision-designed to provide reliable operation every time. So there’s no need to worry about false activations when you're working in the sink area.

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Convenient, efficient features.

The two-function sprayhead lets you easily switch from stream to spray. With its light, quiet hose and ball joint, thanks to ProMotion® technology, the sprayhead operates smoothly and quietly. And DockNetik™ magnetic docking system keeps the sprayhead securely locked in place. Sensate runs on AC power, which means there are no batteries to replace.

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Be a witness to the latest trend in kitchen tap technology, taking convenience and cleanliness to the next level, bringing a revolution in kitchen faucets by combining style with substance to deliver Sensate kitchen faucets. The hands-free operation makes them one of the most popular kitchen faucet types.


Kohler’s touchless faucets offer reliable touchless on/off operation through a state-of-the-art sensor that responds in milliseconds. This allows you to speed through prep, cooking, and cleanup without spreading messes and germs within the kitchen.

Combining Form & Function with Touchless Kitchen Taps

The two-function spray head lets you easily switch from stream to spray. It helps you flow through the kitchen with its light, quiet hose and ball joint; thanks to ProMotion® technology, the spray head operates smoothly and quietly. And the DockNetik™ magnetic docking system keeps the spray head securely locked.

Highlights of the Sensate Kitchen Faucets

Observe the paradigm shift with the touchless faucets. The sensate kitchen faucet offers a host of features that makes them a cut above the rest.

Touchless Operation

Delivers convenient & Hygienic Control

Battery Free

AC power means no battery to replace

Secure Magnetic Docking

Sprayhead security locks into place

Lasting Finish

Resists corrosion & wear

Durable Ceramic Valves

A lifetime of exceptional performance

Easy Clean

Wipes clean with a wet cloth

Benefits of Sensate Kitchen Faucet

Saves Water

A touchless faucet with an automatic shutoff safeguard ensures water consumption is dramatically cut compared to traditional faucets. Instead of using a few extra seconds of water to turn off the faucet using a hand, a touchless tap saves water by shutting off the valve once you leave the sink.

Contactless Nature Avoid Germs

The spread of germs is minimized with sensate kitchen faucets. Kitchen taps can harbor bacteria while used with contaminated hands. Transfer of food residue and grime from cooking gets stuck on your kitchen faucet. With touchless faucets, you can prevent the spread of germs and keep your family healthy.

Easy Access

People of all ages, including children and aged people, can easily use touchless faucets. Just wave your hand in front of the tap to activate the sensor to operate the water flow. Kids struggling with opening and closing the faucet is a thing of the past with sensate kitchen faucets, which respond in milliseconds with the state-of-the-art sensor.


Handling kitchen chores has never been easier with Sensate Kitchen Faucets. Designed to deliver optimum performance with Response™ technology, Sensate responds to your every move. Simply wave your hand, pot, or pan through the sensor window for reliable on/off operation every time, which makes for a hassle-free cooking experience. 

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