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A luxurious bathroom experience infused with the goodness of nature by Kohler Africa


Kohler brings your clients an unparalleled experience combining natural charm and an immersive relaxation to create the ultimate luxurious retreat.  
Our nature-inspired Botanical theme is a thoughtful addition to the repertoire of Colors by KOHLER. It transports you into a natural world that you embrace from the very moment you step in this bath space. Indulge in a soothing and healing experience with Kohler. 

Inspired by nature, this invigorating theme infuses your bathroom with the essence of natural beauty. Along with the enchanting visual charm, a Botanical bathroom offers incredible health and lifestyle benefits. It purifies the air, acts as a stress buster, and enlivens the bathroom space.

A hot shower against the canvas of nature can revitalize your senses and energize your body. Kohler’s Botanical theme enhances the bathing experience and has a remarkable impact on the soul. Plants are naturally endowed with the ability to uplift the energy of a space, imparting positivity and relaxing both the mind and the body. Every bathroom needs these positive vibes to help one relax and unwind. 

Give your next big project a natural makeover with Kohler’s Botanical theme.

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