The Bold Look of Kohler

Reimagine Convenience Intuitive Kohler Sensate

The kitchen is a space of grace and playfulness. Kohler Sensate touchless kitchen faucet offers freedom, style elegance, and intelligence through responsive technology and voice control. The convenience and style trends of touchless kitchen faucets make them the preferred choice for many discerning patrons.
At Kohler, we are constantly thinking about adding more and more value to the luxury lifestyle. With our faucet technology, we have created an intelligent and clean solution to solve the kitchen nuisance. Kohler’s Sensate kitchen faucet is conceptualized and designed to promote the idea of being Kohler clean in a modern luxury home and accelerate intuitive use and premium performance while keeping the fun alive in your Kohler kitchen. 

From splatters to spills and everything in between, Kohler touchless technology offers a reliable way to maintain control over the kitchen chaos. 
In addition to that, the Kohler Connect technology that features in the touchless series takes interactivity between the user and the faucet to the next level. The Kohler kitchen faucets, driven by touchless technology connect directly to standard home power, with no batteries to replace, and a manual override option that keeps the faucet functional even if the power goes out.
At our research and design lab, we spent countless hours bringing the power of gestures to life.
The lively human gestures and intuitive touchless technology of Kohler Sensate kitchen faucet adds a new dimension of convenience to the modern user’s daily life. Its futuristic approach empowers human gestures to be at the center of technology and indulges the user in a Kohler clean experience. 
At the heart of our creativity and design sensibilities is life itself. Our ideas and creations are inspired to promote and preserve a great living experience that’s conscious of keeping it clean and minimizing misuse.