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Redefining Luxury by Gracious Living in Nairobi with Kohler

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An entry point into the larger 300 million market, Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in East Africa. It has successfully created a diverse and dynamic investment environment leading to a brisk upswing in luxury lifestyle trends and choices. Kohler’s venture into Kenya seeks to serve the ever increasing aspirational drift of people towards an elite lifestyle and living in designer personal spaces. Local developers, businesses and discerning individuals look to adorn their personal spaces with premium home ware, designer interiors, kitchen and bathroom fittings, sanitary ware et al placing Kohler is a unique position to offer its 147-year-old expertise, products, and savoir faire. 

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Gracious living and leisure lifestyle is slowly permeating through the social fabric in Nairobi – the economic capital of the region. People are seen to embrace bold patterns, geometric design, minimalistic sophistication, ornate maximalistic vision, seamlessly integrating design themes, innovative products in their personal spaces. The developing tastes of the demographic have carved a niche for itself. 

Kohler Nairobi has carried the legacy of gracious living forward through its commitment to uplift the lives of every person it touches. The bid to reimagine interiors and personal spaces and bring something new to the table has brought a vast array of products to facilitate the shift to a modern, luxuriant lifestyle.

Kohler’s designs draw inspiration from life, culture, local tradition, art, and characteristic crafts of a region. Our master craftsmen etch this into innovatively designed and masterfully executed products. 

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Kohler’s Artist’s Editions

Each element in the signature range from Kohler incorporates themes and inspirations that create a masterpiece fixture to elevate the aesthetic and vibe in your bath space. Products such as Antilia Wading Pool Glass Vessel, Kensho Vessel sink et al create stunning spaces made for the best bath spaces. Artist Editions creates showpiece elements made from materials like cast glass, stone, ceramic and more to create timeless pieces. 

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Intelligent Bathrooms

Get the charm of smart living inside your smart bathrooms with Kohler’s modern bath space accessories and products. Elements such as DTV+ system that controls steam, water flow, temperature, colours, lighting, ambience and more offers a multi-sensory experience. 

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Smart Showers

Kohler’s innovatively designed showers come in a range of options. From Real rain to shower columns, showerheads attached with smart speakers etc. The shower sprays are specially crafted to give a highly relaxing experience. 

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Free Standing Bathtubs


Make a statement in your bathroom with the addition of Kohler’s free standing bathtub. These bathtubs come in a variety of options to suit your design theme and instantly transform the look and feel of your bath space. 

Kohler products are now available across all major countries of East and West Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Ghana. 
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