Material Matters: Integral Part of Tranquil Interiors


Material Matters Integral


Materials are an integral part of designing an interior space and choosing the right mix for a bath space can add to the calm and tranquillity of it. Surface textures, finishes, materials and colours bind a space together and play a critical role in the process.


Making the choice of colours and materials

Making the selection of colours and the materials for the floors, walls, countertops, other surfaces, panels is vital to creating the right feel and ambiance in the bath space and ensure that they complement each other to form a cohesive combination. Amalgamations of stone, wood, and glass, these are combinations that are timeless and can enhance any bathroom. On the other hand, Granite, while having its own appeal, also has several limitations.


A smart choice is to match surface material with the choicest pick from our Kohler exclusive ranges that add a touch of glamour into your bath space.


Another point of note is that smaller spaces are often more challenging to design and the thought process that goes behind creating a beautiful interior is deeper.

There is a popular belief that using dark colours can make a space look smaller and that one should use lighter colour to make small spaces appear expansive. While in reality, dark toned floors project the appearance of larger spaces. 


In cases where the wet and dry areas need to be worked in a small bath space, one can bring the feel and appearance of a larger area by bringing in a sense of homogeneity. As you start increasing the kinds of materials you use, the sense of size in a space starts decreasing, especially in a small bathroom.

One can choose Kohler’s small vessel complemented with the Kohler wall faucet that brings an added allure to the bathroom and makes the bath space appear larger.


When working with small spaces, glossy materials are best not included. The ideal choices include matte, leather and river-wash finish. For flooring, granite is not the right choice. However, if one has to go with the stone anyway, then it can be treated for a river wash finish or given a plain finish. In ideal cases, marble should also be avoided for wet areas. Additionally, a bath space enhances the positive vibes in your day and instils calmness and serenity in your routines. In keeping with that thought, it is best to choose materials that are not too striking, or those which allow the light to reflect or bounce a lot.


You can choose the Kohler Artist Edition vessel as well to add the glam in your bathroom.


KOHLER bathroom


While designing ceilings, one should stay away from adding needless elements like fake rafters. The way to go can be experimenting with the surface texture and finish. Vulnerable or non-durable materials like gypsum are not the best choice. You can pick products like Hilux boards which are water resistant.

Use unique and simple additions to your design theme and elevate it to the next level. Add a signature Kohler faucet with a unique faucet finish to tie the materials together.


Kohler faucet


It is also ideal to use different materials for wet and dry areas. In the wet areas, especially, avoid ceramic tiles or polished granite or marble. The better choice can be to use stone or rough-textured, colourful tiles which are made for these areas.

You can demarcate the wet and dry spaces in your bathroom with shower enclosures.


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