Magic in the Minimal with Kohler's Accessories

Magic in the Minimal with Kohler's Accessories

Sometimes you cannot do things in a wide and posh space, which you can do in a tiny one that often makes you prioritise things and which serves as clarity to how you want to use it. A bathroom can be as sweet, charming and multipurpose in a tiny space as it is in a big one. There’s no complexity when you go for a small one as there are clear choices, just with a quest to find the best. But Kohler knows where and what to get you for such a bathroom space and that’s easy and extravagant. Let’s make some small spaces as beautiful, as smart and as multipurpose that they seem bigger than the ones that are just big.  Kohler brings to you some special tips and techniques to do it right for you, even in a small space, with Kohler bathroom products, showerheads, faucets, bathtubs, intelligent toilets and a lot more.

Make a centre of attraction with Kohler products

Something shall be there which shall be eye catchy, which serves as the centre of attraction and becomes everyone’s favourite, the design, the colour, or just the accessories in your bathroom can do it. Starting from the bold shades on the call, the cabinets which are eye-catchy, the attractive Kohler faucets or the Intelligent and stylish bidet seats. Everything can be a focal point at which all pays their homage. Make a focal point in your bathroom and build the rest of the space around it. Play with colours, textures, and accent walls — use darker shades in the upper portion of the room to make it appear to float. Make the most of the limited space you have to create a charming and appealing environment.

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Create Clear Partitions with Kohler accessories

See-through dividers and screens give the impression of additional space in the room. To separate the wet shower area from the dry portions of your bath, use clear glass panels. Half-glass walls can also be used to cleverly isolate the shower area from the rest of the room. These will not only make your bathroom appear larger, but they will also give a touch of beauty to your small area while keeping it clean and dry!

Don’t forget to add accessories that spark and shine like Kohler’s vibrant faucets, the spaciousbathtubs and the revolutionary Intelligent Bathroom Products.

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Use all that you have: A Kohler idea

At the point when you're working with a little region, use each divider and corner. Utilize full-length mirrors to add a component of profundity, and consume alcoves for capacity. With equivalent space separated for the shower, WC and bowl regions, shrewd utilization of lighting and one of a kind shading blends, your little restroom can look outwardly roomy.

Thus, that’s all enough and when amalgamated with Kohler’s brilliance, the magic is guaranteed. Therefore, all you need is to set things right for you and bring your home, the vibe, the smartness and the comfort, suiting every need of yours. Hence, Choose Kohler.

Kohler products are now available across all major countries of East and West Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria. Contact us at or visit

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