The Bold Look of Kohler

Kohler Launches Experience Store Showroom in Accra

Expanding the 150 years' legacy, the leading home-solutions brand Kohler is now covering the edge of Africa. With the plan of empowering its philosophy of Gracious Living, Kohler is leaving no benchmark unachieved. Over the past years, Kohler has moved ahead with the flagship of a global multi-industry brand dealing in personalized homeware excellence.

Standing as the epitome of craftsmanship, Kohler has always believed in redefining the customer's expectations with exceptional products. The crux of innovation is the key element in every piece that comes from the house of Kohler.

In collaboration with Interstyle Ceramics, we recently launched a Kohler Experience Store in Accra, Ghana. The showroom covers a vast area of 200 sq meters and portrays the latest technology in the design.

The ultimate aim of the showroom is to serve as the chain of inspiration for the budding designers, and artists who are exploring the spectacular scope of dream spaces.

The Kohler Experience Store in Accra presents some of the leading categories that are the integral forces of Kohler.


Brilliant Artist Edition


Highlighting the breathtaking collection from artists worldwide, this edition takes into account the elegant pieces created with intrinsic details. Marrakech, Antlia Wading Pool, and Derring Vessel sink are a few specialties of the collection.

Remarkably intelligent bathroom range


Kohler is shaping the tomorrow of intelligent bathroom solutions with smart systems like DTV+ sensory experience equipment, fine-tuning water flow temperature, color, and lighting.

Phenomenal free-standing baths


Finding a better piece of attraction than a free-standing bath is simply possible. You can surely look into the excellent range of products at Kohler.


The magnificent matte bathroom collection

 Uplifting the feel of the bathroom with the Matte Black collection seems unbelievably impressive. Adding the amazement of the seamless collection, Kohler is bringing the future to the doorstep.

Modern Life Edge collection


For obvious reasons, Modern Edge Collection reconciles the expertise of the slimmest bathroom ware. Kohler is all set to expand the precious experience of the customer with the smartest yet slimmest bathroom solutions.

Vive range


Vive is nothing less than a celebratory design for modern bathrooms. Designed to sync well with elegance and functionality, the Vibe range majorly contributes to the excellence of Kohler in Accra.


On the grand occasion of the Kohler Experience Store launch, the commercial director, Kohler Africa, and Middle East Alan Orchard said, "With our compelling propositions, we will make it impossible for our customers to look beyond Kohler.


Kohler enjoys standing warm relationships with the Architect and Developer community globally. It's not different for Kohler Africa, and the brand intends to continue the well-entrenched engagement process.


 "We consider it our responsibility to keep our Architect and Designer partners in line and ahead of customer expectations. We ensure that they create masterpieces each time they sit to draft a proposal and that their creations are timeless. We ensure that they win." Orchard added.

With the recent expansion, now Kohler records its powerpack presence in all major countries of the Sub-Saharan Africa region, including Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda. More to that, Kohler is a preferred hospitality brand.

Kohler is in-lining the greatest customer satisfaction through the 24*7 customer assistance helpline. Above all, the virtual online tool of the experience store showroom acts as a brilliant pitch for the brand.

Kohler Africa is entirely confident of resonating the same success in Accra with the exclusive experience store showroom.