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As one of the fastest developing economies in the world, Africa has witnessed massive ascension vis-à-vis development and modern upscale in lifestyle trends. The demographic is leaning towards a higher outlay on lavish living. Lagos, home to majority of Nigeria’s millionaires and the epicenter of economic activity in Nigeria, is uniquely placed to project Kohler’s Bathroom idea of gracious living in the region.

The luxury lifestyle sphere in Lagos is forming a niche for itself, going beyond bold and maximalist prints, and colors, to minimalistic themes, sophisticated geometric patterns and luxuriant aesthetics. Kohler sought to interlock with the evolving tastes of the demographic to offer them elite solutions for gracious living.


Refined Sophistication with Kohler

Lagos became Nigeria’s axis point for uplift in lifestyle living in the past decades. As it also takes a podium position for being the heart of Nigeria’s commercial activity, it showcases increasing aspirations for a ‘cream of the crop’ lifestyle. Kohler’s expertise and innovations as a luxury lifestyle brand slot in perfectly to gratify these aspirations.

Since the past 147 years, Kohler has upheld its philosophy and values of gracious living. It re-envisions bath and kitchen spaces utilizing disruptive trends in design trends and technology.The brand, which now has a global footprint and is ever expanding into deeper regions, is underpinned on an ethos around legacy building with sustainable luxury lifestyle. 




Stepping on that pathway, Kohler has sought to dive deep into the region, its culture, draw ideas and inspirations, interact with local artists, art and design connoisseurs, explore fashion, music, pop culture et al to bring a crafted Bold Look of Kohler into luxury spaces and designer homes.

Lagos is poised to adopt innovative designs and adorn their personal spaces with the bold elegance of Kohler. As you relish the extravagant lifestyle, you can give your home the Kohler edge with its renowned line of products. Kohler employs futuristic technology and pioneering designs for a reinvented luxury experience.


Kohler’s Artist’s Editions




Adorn your bathroom with Kohler design elements thoughtfully conceived and intricately crafted by Kohler’s artisans. Exploring textural, geometric and thematic possibilities, Kohler’s special Artist’s edition creates striking elements like showpiece vessels made out of glass or ceramic such as the Briolette Vessel faceted glass sink, Antilia Wading Pool Glass Vessel, Dutchmaster Carillon vessels, Kensho Vessel and more.


ModernLife Edge




Infuse the charm of minimalistic design and refined sophistication into your bath spaces. ModernLife Edge incorporates a blend of contemporary aesthetics and ergonomic brilliance for enhanced comfort and finer hygiene.


Intelligent Bathrooms



The advancements in smart technology for comfort living has brought an overhaul in lifestyle spaces and how users interact with products to experience luxury. Kohler’s instills the innovative ideas and modern technology into inventive products for your personal spaces.
Install Kohler’s smart bath control system like DTV+ to harness maximum leisure possibilities out of your bath space. Choose voice-activated Alexa enabled mirrors for a futuristic start to your day. Intelligent toilets with touchless functionality and immersive comfort features give a new outlook to modern hygiene.

Contact at contact.africa@kohler.com  or https://www.africa.kohler.com/contact-us

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