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To  reinforce its vision of Gracious Living, Kohler extended its network all-over Africa. In this rapidly growing continent, Kohler has earned separate recognition. Without any doubt, Kohler is breaking the chain of success and emerging as a multi-industry brand. Carving the path of personalized homeware and premium hospitality solutions, Kohler is taking ahead its 150 years old legacy in Lagos.

Kohler aims to provide an incredible customized experience to the end customers. Reason being all the designers ensure to infuse every creation with class and comfort. Not just that, but Kohler is introducing a new wave of innovation in the stream of homeware articles.

While keeping in view Kohler's unmatchable excellence plus expertise, a brand new range of matte black collections and Vive faucet designs has been launched at the recently organized Kohler Bold event.


To reconcile the warm journey of Kohler, a recent event at The Wheatbaker Hotel on May 12, 2022, had phenomenal success with over 150 attendees. The list of guests included renowned industry leaders, architects, designers, executives, experts, and media persons. The attendees witnessed the Kohler brand's glory and its latest launch in the row.

The ultimate Virtual Reality Experience remained the main highlight of the event. Through this valuable experience, Kohler presented the precious Vive Ballet performance, the Kohler History Wall, and much more. Adding to that, the extraordinary business commitment of Kohler inspired every guest present at the event.  


The Commercial Director of Kohler Africa and Middle East, Alan Orchard, reaffirmed Kohler’s commitments through his words; "With our compelling propositions, we will make it impossible for our customers to look beyond Kohler.

"If we can get our customer engagement right, we will automatically be the largest brand by value in the continent. But we are not obsessed with the outcome, we are committed to our customers and engage with them."

Kohler has weaved strong global ties with the Architect, Developer, and Designer community. Following the same milestones of the empire, Kohler Africa is empowering the widened scope of engagement all over the continent.

Mr. Orchard added, "We consider it our responsibility to keep our Architect and Designer partners in line and ahead of customer expectations. We ensure that they create masterpieces each time they sit to draft a proposal and that their creations are timeless. We ensure that they win."

Kohler Africa has two exclusive Kohler Experience Stores in Lagos. The Experience Store in Lekki is in partnership with Sweethome, while the VI store is in partnership with WATCO.

Kohler's precious philosophy of gracious living keeps the brand in the integration of the best of modern comfort. Binding the local culture, traditions, and environment, the latest collection inline its durability and efficiency. Above all, these two Kohler Experience stores in Lagos are all set to serve as the expansion pillar. In the coming future, Kohler believes in unfolding the ultimate satisfaction of the customers based on the whole continent and in the world.

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