The Bold Look of Kohler

Chatbots to Address your Queries about Kohler Bathroom Fittings

Chatbots to Address your Queries about Kohler Bathroom Fittings

Kohler is the world leader in the manufacturing of manufacturing of kitchen and bath products. To make its journey more flawless and interactive, Kohler recently introduced KOHLER SUPPORT, your 24/7 chat assistant for all things Kohler. The Chabot will allow consumers to have human conversation or "chatter" through text at any time of the day, using the latest features.

Whether you are looking for the latest of vivid insights or needing help with purchase and installations, you can count on Kohler Support's assistance that is always within reach, prompt and, dedicated to serving you, courteously. Kohler has created multiple ways and methods for you to connect and explore the Kohler collection; easily pick the one you like most.

Take a virtual ride of Kohler bathroom fittings

Now you can take a virtual tour of all Kohler’s products like sanitary ware, bathroom sink faucets, freestanding bathtub and other accessories and innovative ideas with just a few clicks.

Book an assisted tour to explore Kohler kitchen and bathroom accessories

A tour where your personalized ideas and creations will be moulded by experts helping convert them to reality, with the help of timeless products, whirlpool tub, digital shower system etc. together helping you find your space is not possible at Kohler.

To learn more about Kohler products, join our community on YouTube

Join Kohler’s YouTube community and help yourself design your bath and hear out the experts on how innovative bathroom creation can help you find heaven at home.

Kohler has added many feathers in its cap ever since it was launched in 1873. Having its headquarters at Wisconsin, Kohler Co. comprises over 35,000 associates and is one of the oldest American companies. It has over 50 manufacturing locations worldwide. Kohler is the world leader in the manufacturing of kitchen and bath products; engines and power systems; and premier furniture, cabinetry, and tile.

Kohler is the fastest-growing brand with a large sanitary ware market in Africa. Kohler has been inspiring creators and delighting customers with masterpieces for both kitchen and bathroom spaces, always introducing magnificent living in every domain.

 Kohler products are now available across all major countries of East and West Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Ghana. Contact us at or visit