Capturing Boldness of Kohler in Mauritius

As the growth story of Africa unfolds, Mauritius has emerged as a shining beacon of development with a rapidly expanding high-potential economy. The larger populace in the region is seen to be espousing the idea of an opulent, indulgent lifestyle. One can foresee avenues for valuable investment and a paradigm shift towards gracious living. The reallocation of tastes and interests with a metamorphosis of trends carves the way ahead for an uptick in attractive investment opportunities. 

The lifestyle trends evolving in the luxury lifestyle domain in Mauritius emboldens the aspirational move to adopt legacy designs, artistic vision, and innovative themes. Interior spaces are reinvented through encompassing ideas of sophisticatedminimalism. Beautiful and ornate workmanship capturesyour unique self-expression in lines, curves, textures and patterns that converge to form the larger picture. Kohler’s launch into Mauritius with a vision of understated, refined and tasteful luxury assimilates seamlessly into the fabric of the region to facilitate the evolution to elite living.

The island nation of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, is famous for its flourishing and vibrant tourism culture.Every year travelers from all across the world visit its white-sand beaches to spend time with their family and friends in its tropical climate, blossoming flora and fauna, tranquil sunsets, cuisines and for its fantastic hospitality.

Kohler’s artisans and design masters draw inspiration from tradition, pop culture, trends and customs, articulating their vision into statement products. We embolden our purposeful resolve by introducing innovatively crafted products and designs that set a benchmark for quality. The idea of Living the Possibilities with Kohler is central to our foray into the region. 
Mauritius is gaining momentum with its new-fangled approach to aesthetic and leisure lifestyle. Kohler is poised to aid that grand shift with a design premise that is deep-seated into the region’s heritage and Kohler’s values of gracious living.
For over 147 years, Kohler has strived to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of design thinking and uplift the lives of every individual it touches. Crafted interiors and spaces have always been a key element in designer homes. Kohler seeks to bring a new outlook to the table and set the gold standard for creating products that add experiential value going beyond just aesthetic appeal.

Showcasing a fascinating range of products such as Kohler kitchen basins, Kohler faucets, Kohler shower heads, bathroom fittings and more,the brand stands out with its innovative designs, craftsmanship and technology.

While you savour one-of-its-kind experiences in Mauritius, you can now double your happiness with the fascinating range of Kohler products with its cutting-edge technology and innovative designs for gracious living that will make your stay more memorable.




Matte Black Finish

Kohler is recognised worldwide for its design and innovations for the kitchen and the bathrooms – fixtures, faucets, cabinetry and accessories for residential, commercial and industrial markets. The lustrous warmth and breath taking finish add the boldness of Kohler to bathrooms and kitchen décor space. 


Vibrant rose gold

Kohler’s Rose Gold faucet finish with most intricate and exquisite shine are not just flawless in their refinement but also give a feeling of calm with added freshness of rose hues and elegance. It is rightly then a choice for design aficionados, architects and designers who are drawn to the highly visible modern housewares and modern offerings of Kohler products. 





The touchpad controls, uncluttered design, spa-like therapeutic ambience and sleek styling takes a mundane bathroom many notches high to a Kohler bathroom experience: an immersive multi-sensory escapade into the world of luxuryExperience the sound, steam and light of water with the most technologically advanced system. You can now control the elements and enjoy the multi-sensory shower especially crafted to cater to your needs with a touch-screen interface giving you utmost comfort.



Intelligent Toilets 

Kohler Intelligent toilet designed for convenience, from personalized warm-water cleansing to air-dryer to self-sanitizing wand – you can expect every feature carefully crafted to give you a more comfortable experience. 





Kohler’s Artists Editions

Kohler’s best-in-class designs, technologically advanced and interactive products add an elevated and immersive experience and serve as a source of inspiration for bath space décor. The artists’ editions with its unique inspiration design suites of top Indian and global architects are conceptualized to showcase unlimited possibilities in the luxury bathroom spaces. 




Now, make every travel experience a memorable one and discover the new and more indulgent travel to uber-luxurious Mauritius hotels with the impeccable services.  

Kohler products are now available across all major countries of East and West Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Ghana. Contact us at contact.africa@kohler.com  or https://www.africa.kohler.com/contact-us

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