Toobi™ Exposed Bath and Shower Mixer: Take Control of your Bathroom Design

Toobi™ Exposed Bath and Shower Mixer: Take Control of your Bathroom Design

Another smartly designed product from Kohler, the Toobi™ Exposed Shower and Bath Mixer produces a modern bathroom in one simple step.

-  Easy retrofit with existing exposed systems.

-  Sleek and durable body cartridge allows for practical storage space.

-  Indulgent cascade water flow ensures no splash or spray.


The best bathroom design ideas are often the simplest.


Kohler offers leading edge designers and decorators the ability to bring modern bathroom trends into spaces where retrofitting is the best option. A Toobi Exposed Bath & Shower mixer fashions a luxury bathroom from an ordinary space with exceptional aesthetics and sleek lines.

Beautiful bathrooms with Toobi


What more can you expect when retrofitting with Toobi™?


The slim body cartridge cleverly conceals external systems yet remains sleek and sophisticated. The rotary diverter is carefully positioned to allow interchangeability between the shower and the spout. And of course, in true Kohler form, the Toobi™ body offers a practical storage space for shower accessories – a beautiful blend of style, practicality, and elegance. The durable, scald-proof surface is guaranteed to delight even the most discriminating customer.


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Exceed expectations

Kohler has made modern bathroom designs easy and practical for interior designers and decorators across Africa. These simple yet stylish forms satisfy the needs of the most discerning consumer and  is testament to Kohler’s ability to meet and exceed expectations.

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