Terrace™ Collection

With the new Terrace™ collection, Kohler has designed a comprehensive line for any bathroom space, offering a geometric design that is pure and timeless. 

Where to Buy

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Fine materials and superb finishings down to the last detail

On the front of the main cabinet piece, Kohler has combined a lovely lacquer with natural oak. The interior of the main drawer and the accessories drawer is also made of wood, as are the shelves in the storage unit and on the Terrace mirror.

The repeated materials underscore the collection’s identity and add a unique touch of elegance.  

Kohler’s “à la carte” lacquer option lets you personalize your cabinet, selecting from 48 gloss or satin shades. 

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Contemporary design

The vanity top, cabinet and storage unit display an elegant aesthetic in the rectangular geometrics that characterize contemporary design. 

Technological innovation

The FreeDrain™ system is a major innovation introduced on Terrace. With this new, exclusive patented system that eliminates the usual central drain, the user can stop water outflow with a simple touch of a button at the rear of the vanity top. The system is easy to clean and the streamlined design highlights a refined aesthetic.

Incomparable functionality

The base unit under the vanity top provides extensive storage capacity, thanks to an accessories drawer and a large drawer, a tall unit with a direct-access vertical niche and four shelves, and a mirror with integral shelves. In other words, Terrace optimizes available space and makes storage easier.

Equipped with push/pull dampers, the drawer cabinets offer comfort of use, as does the tall storage unit, thanks to its soft-close doors. A mirror adapted to each washstation size, with side LED lighting (along one side on the 60 cm version) and infrared switch, ensures safety and hygiene.

The Terrace vanity top exists in five dimensions, including an XXL size measuring 1.50 m for both basins (9 cm in depth) and offers a wide rear ledge that is functional and practical for toiletries. Made of ceramic material, this piece is easy to clean and is highly resistant (NF D14601) to chemical cleaning agents.
The magic of Terrace continues with optional lighting under the vanity top that creates a Zen atmosphere in the bathroom. To coordinate with the rest of the collection, Terrace also includes a WC and bidet pair in a contemporary design. Thanks to the fully concealed fixing system, the WC and bidet can be elegantly hung from the wall. The soft-close feature on the toilet seat provides sound comfort, and the seat can be removed for easier cleaning. The closed, glazed rim inside the bowl means enhanced hygiene, in addition to improved rinsing and flush. Terrace is one of the most water-efficient toilets, with 4L full flushes and 2.6L reduced flushes, instead of the traditional 6 and 3L options.

With Terrace, Kohler presents an upscale collection for individuals seeking an exclusive solution for their bathroom space. 

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