Sensate Touchless Mixer

Touchless Is More

Powered by accurate and reliable Response® technology, a KOHLER® touchless kitchen mixer makes your daily routine more hygienic and efficient. Hands covered in cookie dough or cake frosting? No worries. Just wave that messy hand—or a kitchen utensil—under the spout and keep your faucet handle spotless and germ-free.


Ready when you need it

The Response® touchless technology sensor, located under the arch of the spout to minimise false activations and keep the mixer cleaner, activates in just 20 milliseconds — five times faster than it takes to blink your eyes. Plus, if you forget to turn the mixer off, the automatic shutoff feature will kick in after four minutes of inactivity.


Clean and Confident

If you’re like most people, keeping your kitchen clean is a never-ending task. When it comes to preventing the spread of germs, minimising cross-contamination is key. A touchless mixer helps ensure a mess isn’t passed on to the next person who uses the mixer.


Control and power

From splatters to spills and everything in between, KOHLER® touchless mixers offer a reliable way to maintain control over the kitchen chaos. Plus, our touchless mixers connect directly to standard home power, so there are no batteries to replace, and a manual override option lets you use the mixer if the power goes out.


Thoughtful design

KOHLER® touchless mixers are designed with everyday life in mind. That means going beyond stylish aesthetics to deliver the features and performance you need to get your tasks done faster and easier—day after day and year after year.


The clean and functional kitchen

Meal prep, clean-up and all of your other household chores become easier and more hygienic with a touchless mixer.

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