NXT Wall Hung Toilets – Never Look Back

NXT Wall Hung Toilets – Never Look Back

Confidence in Innovation

Style, elegance, design excellence. These are things that you have come to expect from Kohler.


Yet there is the finest of lines where form stops, and function takes priority. Nowhere is this truer than with the NXT range of wall-hung toilets from Kohler.


Yes, the NXT range is handsome, finely crafted, and aesthetically satisfying. Indeed, their subtle styling slips easily into the modern bathroom, and each element adds grace and sophistication to your private space. However, beneath the charm and sleek lines of these beautifully crafted pieces lies 140+ years of innovation from the true masters of beautiful bathrooms. 

Flushed with Success

Our dedicated engineers have conducted extensive research into comfort, positioning, and performance. By gentle reshaping and ingenious internal arrangement, their countless hours have paid off, and the ideal drop zone has been determined to ensure that waste matter falls exactly where the flush will carry it away. Following on from this, the trapway is fully glazed which allows waste to travel with no residue – an unseen yet vital feature in toilet design and function.


Precision mini-jets power away any residual waste resulting in the cleanest flush. The advanced design ensures that every inch of the bowl is thoroughly washed. This single, powerful flush does this important job once, without the need for a wasteful follow-up flush.


Yes, the true beauty of the NXT range lies in its advanced functionality and practicality and sets it apart from other ‘designer’ toilets which look great but fail their key performance requirements.


Seamless Design

As always, uncompromising and effortless. Beautiful lines offer uninterrupted elegance. Wall-hung fixtures ensure a clean and sanitary floor space.


Concealed Fixation

The fully skirted shape of the NXT range gives a pleasing aesthetic and complements a contemporary bathroom designed with taste and finesse.  This also reduces maintenance and cleaning time. The NXT range is designed for maximum hygiene with easy-to-clean surfaces without pockets or gaps.


Your toilet has one job – make sure it does it well.

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It has a comfortable rectangular shape to complement a modern bathroom. The design language is adaptive and can be teamed up any design setting.

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A perfect complement to the Forefront basin, ForefrontTM Wall-hung is an embodiment of minimalism and contemporary seamless design

image here


Elegant and classic, the Presqu’ile suite presents a smooth and rounded design. A flawless counterpart to any modern bathroom with soft, elegant lines.

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Freelance Wall-hung toilet features a modern shape with smooth curved lines and a refreshingly clean and contemporary design.

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The NXT range. Innovation. Function. Design. 

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