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Nairobi. Get Inspired.

Nestled within the parklike city of Nairobi, Ukay Centre in Westlands is home to the exquisite showroom of Kitchens & Beyond, Kohler’s distributor in Kenya.


As is characteristic of all Kohler showrooms, this new addition is fully equipped with the most cutting-edge bathroom technology and gorgeous statement pieces. From baths to basins, taps to state-of-the-art showers, stunning bathroom designs are beautifully displayed to discerning décor and design aficionados. Your complete designer bathroom comes to life within the stylish walls of their new showroom.

Salil Sadanandan, President of Kitchen & Bath South Asia and Kohler brand EMEA says, “When Kohler Africa began our strategic penetration into the Sub-Saharan market we realised the potential in Kenya and the seamless partnership we could achieve if we ventured into this country.


We believe the growth potential and the shifting paradigm of consumers as they move towards a more modern lifestyle is in alignment with the leading-edge products fused with innovation and technology developed by Kohler”.


Pioneering Kohler’s flagship products, the showroom highlights the astonishing blend of innovation, technology, and leading-edge design. Look out for these key products:


DTV+ Shower System

Kohler brings together water, sound, steam and light as has never been done before: the most advanced shower system in the marketplace today is the Kohler DTV+ ™. An intuitive digital thermostatic valve (DTV) system controls these four elements, resulting in an exquisitely unique, multi-sensory showering experience. For discerning home-owners, and accomplished designers, the DTV+ showering system is simply non-negotiable in the modern home or presidential hotel suite.

Veil Intelligent Toilet

Technology does not stop in the living room. Indeed, Kohler’s Veil Integrated toilet is testament to how technology has crept into the bathroom – with incredible effect. The sleek and contemporary lines are typical of a Kohler bathroom product, with the concealed tank completing the clean and elegant design you have come to expect. Smart toilet functionality adds to the allure of Veil toilet and puts in squarely on the must-have list for designers across the country. 

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Kohler RiverBath

The flagship showroom treats visitors to a peek at the RiverBath – a live spa bath by Kohler. The spacious and enormously comfortable whirlpool bath offers a soothing blend of massage treatments and mood-enhancing colour light therapy at the touch of a button. The RiverBath looks good – but feels better.

“One of the core pillars of Kohler remains the strong ethos of delivering an experience and not just a product. This is effortlessly demonstrated as Kohler makes its mark in Nairobi, by being the only showroom to have a live water display creating a powerful showcase of the shower performance of Kohler products,” adds Mr Sadanandan.


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