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ModernLife™ - Contemporary Design Meets Effortless Hygiene

Modern bathrooms need to look beautiful and elegant, with classic lines and exciting design elements. They also need to be effortlessly hygienic, incorporating innovative features for easy, quick cleaning and a spotless finish.


The secret to the exceptional hygiene qualities of Kohler’s Modern Life toilet lies in its design and manufacture. 

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Effortless Hygiene

Its ultra-thin, modern seat is fully detachable, making thorough cleaning quick and easy. It also features an inspired bevelled edge, designed to prevent any unhygienic build-ups, while its easy-lift lid limits hand contact.


The rimless bowl, seamless curves and streamlined overall shape ensures effective flushing, eliminating staining and dirt traps.


Crafted for comfort, convenience and ultimate hygiene, Kohler’s ModernLife toilet complements all contemporary bathrooms.

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Beautiful Basins

Enhancing the aesthetics of the ModernLife toilet is our matching ModernLife basin. The gorgeous sense of simplicity of this contemporary countertop basin is right on trend. Its modern aesthetic is cleverly reinforced by its stain-resistant DFI coating, while seamless, soft curves and clean lines make cleaning effortless and fast.



ModernLife™​ is versatile: Perfect for small bathroom design in the modern apartment or equally for generous spaces that demand the best trending bathroom ideas. Its elegant design reinforces the functional aesthetic of these bathroom essentials – simplifying cleaning requirements to make modern life just that much - effortless.

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