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Source IBA and Kohler Mix It Up

As one of the worlds leading bathroom specialists, we are known for building lasting partnerships.


“We are honoured to work closely with global hotel groups, architects and interior designers alike, thanks to our expansive network in Africa. We believe our key differentiating factors include being able to offer a full bathroom solution, our established penetration on the continent, deep insights into the environment and understanding of the customer”, shares Ronelle Badenhorst, Commercial Director for Kohler Africa.       


The upcoming 100% Design South Africa exhibition platform, in August 2017, is an example of this collaboration. A natural partnership emerged with one of the biggest interior design firms in Africa, Source Interior Brand Architecture (Source IBA), to create an African suite hotel at the exhibition, called Afrotel.                                                                                      



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“With the exploration of Afrotel, Source IBA seeks to revive pride in its own within the African hospitality market. For the sake of brand extension, hotels in Africa are still mostly based on Western models which do not necessarily speak to the African condition. The focus of this project is to develop design solutions that address various areas one of them being Culture. While first-world business hotels are pushing boundaries regarding open bathrooms and limited services, African culture largely requires genteel discretion and a proud culture of service”, explains Mardre Meyer.

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Afrotel Showstoppers

The Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet, with its clean, refined design lines and concealed tank, offers smart toilet functionality. It features a remote control with a full menu of cleansing features including adjustable water temperature, nozzle position and function type, heated seat, dryer, deodoriser, night light and flush control. For enhanced hygiene, the bidet nozzle is self-cleaning and uses sterilised water.          

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Mica Basin

Kohler Mica Basin, with the thinnest edge Kohler has ever produced in a basin, will be adding its cutting-edge design to enhance the authenticity of this space.

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Kohler Composed Range

The Red Dot Design Award Winner, the Kohler Composed Mixer will also be on display, this mixer is uniquely edgy, cool and a stunning addition to any modern interior including dark spaces or a bright backdrop.

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Kohler showerheads featuring Katalyst technology, offer a revolutionary air induction system that makes each drop feel bigger and perform better as it optimises the showerhead spray performance while reducing water consumption.          ​

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Lifestyle Trends

A merging of leading-edge design combined with a progressive view ensures this powerhouse unit delivers on quality and lifestyle trends for Africa.

“When selecting collaborators we look for partners that are respected in the hospitality industry for their superior quality, wide offering and design thinking. On the African continent, we also look for partners that have extensive support networks within each region and very importantly, partners that are as focused on the local environment and requirements as we are. Kohler is trusted by some of the largest global hospitality groups who depend on their quality and technical support network and therefore tick all the right boxes’, explains Mardre Meyer, Creative Director of Source IBA.


For more information on this collaboration email contact.africa@kohler.com or call on 011-050 9000.

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