Forefront™:The Perfect Canvas For Creating Bold And Beautiful Bathroom Designs

We like to challenge conventional ideas of what modern bathroom designs are all about. The Forefront range is a flawless infusion of design and offers a vast range of sizes and shapes to choose from. This gives you the rare freedom to design luxury bathrooms in any space – from a modern contemporary hospitality suite to a commercial bathroom created for a number of users; you can add both timeless class and optimal functionality.


Flexibility in design and inspiring bathroom ideas are always going to be at the top of the list of needs for discerning designers. The Forefront range offers this, and so much more. Simple elegance, sophisticated essentialism and seamless surfaces are characterised across the entire range. So no matter which shape or size you choose, the visual value and flawless functionality remain constant. 


Where to Buy


At Kohler, we love designing ranges to help forward-thinking designers and developers realise their most daring visions.

Create inspired bathroom décor with Forefront’s clean lines, wide range of sizes and leading edge design.

Its innovative, curvilinear design makes this collection ideal for any space, ensuring a contemporary look and perfect fit.

Be perfectly on point – our Forefront range epitomises the trending “less is more” philosophy.

Find more information on the range below:


550mm x 360mm x 355mm

P-Trap 220mm


1200mm x 520mm x 190mm


900mm x 520mm x 195mm


584mm  x 450mm x 174mm


584mm x 460mm x 174mm


575mm x 410mm x 82mm


413mm x 413mm x 175mm


578mm x 462mm x 172mm


420mm x 460mm x 125mm


620mm x 450mm x 175mm


503mm x 373mm x 107mm

Pureclean™ manual bidet seat for Forefront®

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